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1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude 1997-01

General '88 - '91 Prelude Discussion
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1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude 1997-01


Post by 1funryd » 25 Aug 2017, 18:34

Posted by - lude_rider89 - 1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude Cluster 1997-01

This swap is not 100%
I have a h22 swap done to my car so the VSS is a little
but mostly Everything is in here and pls lmk if something need to be fix or wrong and pls if some one can share light the high beam indicator.

I will upload picture when I have them transferred to photobucket or flicker.

Plug A:Blue 1997-01 5th Gen Prelude 1988-89 3rd Gen Prelude

PIN Color

1) Red/Blk---(Lights On Input)------------------------ ------------------1) D1) Red/Blk (Gauge Light)Lighting Switch
2) Red-------(Brightness Control)------------------------------ ---------2) D2) Red (Dash Light Brightness Control Unit)
3) --------------------------------------------------------- ----------------3) --- NONE
4) Blk-------(G401/G402)------------------------------------------------4) A13) Blk (Diming Circuit)G701
5) Grn/Red---(Brake System Indicator Light Control)------------------5) A2) Grn/Red (Brake Pariking Light & Parking Brake Switch)
6) Grn/Blu---("Left" Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Lightts Input)- 6) B10) Grn/Blu (L. Turn Signal Indicator Light)
7) Grn/Yel---("Right" Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Lightts Input)-7) B7) Grn/Yel (R. Turn Signal Indicator Light)
8----------------------------------------------------------------------------8----- NONE
9) Pink------(Immobilizer Indicator Light Control)-----------------------9) --- NONE
10)Wht/Ye/---(Fuse 43) clock/radio 7.5 amp---------------------------10) --- NONE
11)Blu/Blk---(Cruise Control Indicator Light)---------------------------11) --- NONE
12)Yel/Blu---(Fuel Gauge Input)-----------------------------------------12) B3) Yel/Wht (Fuel Gauge Sending Unit)to Fuel Gauge
13)Red/Blu---(Seal Belt Reminder Light Control)------------------------13) B1) Blu/Yel (Seat Belt Indicator)

Plug B:Blue

PIN Color

1) Red/Yel---(High Beam Input)--------------------------------------------1)?
2) Orn/Wht---(High Beam Indicator Light Control)------------------------2)?
3) Blu/Wht---(Vehicle Speed Sensor)--------------------------------------3) VSS (connect C plug)
4) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------4) --- NONE
5) Blue------("Tach" Engine Speed Input)---------------------------------5) B6) Blu (Ignition Coil)to Tacho Meter
6) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------6) --- NONE
7) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------7) --- NONE
8- Blk-------(G401/G402)---------------------------------------------------8- B5) Blk (G401)
9) Blk/Yel---(Fuse 14) ecu--------------------------------------------------9) A3) Blk/Yel (Charge Warning Light)
10)Red-------(Brightness Contol)-----------------------------------------10) B11) Red (Dashlight Brightness Control Unit)
11)Red/Blk---(Lights On Input)-------------------------------------------11) B12) Red/Blk (Lighting Switch)
12)Orn-------(Trunk Open Indicator Light Control)----------------------12) D14) Grn/Blk (Trunk Latch Switch)
13) -------------------------------------------------------------------------13) --- NONE
14)Grn-------(Driver Door Open Input)-----------------------------------14) D9) Grn/Blu (L. Door Switch)
15)Grn/Orn---(Passenger Door Open Input)------------------------------15) D10) Grn/Red (R. Door Switch)
16)Gry/Red---("CEL" MIL Control)-----------------------------------------16) A5) Yel/Red (PGM-FI ECU Control Unit)
17) Connection B9 on 3G wiring loom Red/Wht is the high beam warning light.

Plug C:Grey

PIN Color

1) Wht/Blu---(Charging System Indicator Light Control)----------------1) A14) Wht/Blu (Voltage Regulator "in Alternator")
2) Blu/Blk---(DRL Indicator Light Control)-------------------------------2) --- NONE
3) Yel-------(Fuse 13) c/c-------------------------------------------------3) D8- Yel (no.13 10 amp)fuse from ignition
4) Yel-------(Fuse 13) c/c 15A FUSE PANEL-----------------------------4) D8- Yel (no.13 10 amp)fuse from ignition
5) Blue------(SRS Indicator Light Control)------------------------------5) --- NONE
6) Blu/Wht---(ABS Indicator Light Control)-----------------------------6) --- NONE
7) Yel/Red---(Low Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Light Control)--------7) A10 Yel/Red (Engine Oil Presure Switch "Oil Pressure Warning Light")
8- --------------------------------------------------------------------------8- --- NONE
9) Yellow----(Fuse 13) c/c------------------------------------------------9) D8- Yel (no.13 10 amp)fuse from ignition
10)Yel/Grn---(Engine Coolant Temperature Input)---------------------10) B2) Red (Coolant Temperature Gauge Sender)to Coolant Gauge
11)Lt Grn/Red(Low Fuel Indicator Light Control)-----------------------11) A4) Grn/Red (Low Fuel Sensor)
12)Pink------([Type SH:]ATTS Indicator Light Control)----------------12) ---NONE

Plug C on the 88-89:

Pin color

C1) Wht/Blu (*Cruise Conrol Unit *A/T Control Unit *PGM-FI ECU *PGM-CARB Conntrol Unit)to(Speed Sensor Amplifier)
C2) ---
C3) Lt Grn (?)
C4) Blk/Yel (Speed Sensor Amplifier) Ignition + power
C5) Blk (Speed Sensor Amplifier) G701
C6) ---
C7) ---

since i dont have a B20XX under my hood now its going to be different process
but here is what i came up the C plug is for the Speed Sensor so and its just direct same thing
C4 is from ignition
C5 is ground
C1 is the signal but i don't have any prof to support the C1 Wht/Blu color as the signal.

and you need to replace the cable driven VSS to the electronic VSS from the 3rd gen.

*Dome Light: you will need to tap the D5 on 3rd gen to B14 and B15

FYI: You need to remove the
SRS and ABS bulb and put back the cover so it won't annoy you.

C5 is Ground
C4 is power
C1 is signal for VSS to the B3 on 5th gen
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Re: 1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude 1997-01


Post by PeteGeoffrion » 26 Aug 2017, 02:04

Hmmm very interesting indeed. Did this solve the speedmeter variance issue? Always a fan of OEM+ mods
Pete aka LudeAEM

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1funryd United States of America
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Re: 1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude 1997-01


Post by 1funryd » 27 Aug 2017, 18:43

For those who have done the swap there has been no reported speed variance. Now most of us are using H22 swaps so that may be a factor.

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