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First engine rebuild questions. Help!

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First engine rebuild questions. Help!


Post by josh.hartranft » 04 Jul 2019, 19:32

Bought a B20A5 to rebuild for my 91 2.0si. The engine in my car is running fine but is old and very high mileage. I love the car so I want to keep it but don’t want to deal with the potential issues that my 300,000+ mile engine will soon begin to have. Found a B20 for $250 and plan to rebuild and swap it once I’m finished. Anybody have any suggestions on performance internals (what to get, what to stay away from?), if it can be safely bored, etc? I’d like to completely gut it and replace as much as possible, add a little turbo/intercooler, and build in some more power. Basically my goal is to extend the life of my car for the foreseeable future and add more power since I’m gonna have the engine torn apart anyway. Suggestions please! I’m in the tear down/cleaning phase now, so I’m on the hunt for the rebuild phase. I just know there are a ton of cheap shit parts out there, so I figured y’all might have a beat on what’s quality and what’s not. Thanks!

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