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3rd gen NSX brake upgrade - write up with pics

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Re: 3rd gen NSX brake upgrade - write up with pics


Post by MustardCat » 01 Apr 2020, 05:07

Original write-up by:

-4th gen VTEC rotors redrilled for 4 x 100 ( $100.00
-5th gen caliper bracket ( seller: nextdayautoparts) ($57.16 for both)
-1990 NSX calipers ( $500.00

These are the steps I did and keys I learned when I did this.

Obvious step, remove wheel.

I recommend drilling out the two screws that hold the rotor on at this time. Make sure you drill deep enough because if you don’t you will have to grind any residual material from the hub otherwise the new rotor won’t sit flush. Secondly remove brake line from stock caliper and tie it back out of the way.
Remove stock caliper, two 12mm bolts in the back
Remove stock caliper bracket, two 17mm bolts in the back
Remove stock rotor, the fronts fell off but the rears I had to PB blast and hammer time.
Remove dust shield. To do this there are 3 phillips head screws behind the hub. I didn’t have a special screw driver to take them off so I used a vice grip on the head and loosened them and did the rest with my fingers. To get the dust shield off at the narrow part I used a pair of wire cutters and man handled it. Mostly for lack of proper tools. You can see the holes where the screws were in the picture.
*clean the hub mounting surface well before mounting new rotors. Any rust or junk on that surface is a bad thing. (THX Andrew)


Put on new rotor and hold down with a lug nut.

Use 5g prelude caliper bracket (ordered from ebay), mine didn’t come with the plungers but I used the ones from the NSX caliper brackets. The trick to pulling the rubber boot out without tearing it is to separate the plunger from the rubber boot, pull out the plunger and stick a small screw driver inside and pop it out.

Install rubber boot into 5G caliper bracket and then the plunger. Use 3g prelude bolt to bolt the caliper bracket on.


Use NSX caliper bolts to bolt on the caliper.



At this point spin the rotor and verify smooth operation. I didn’t have to use spacers to adjust the center line but this doesn’t mean you don’t.
Install brake pads (I used OEM pads)
Bolt on brake line and bleed the line.
Put wheel back on and don’t forget to tighten the lug nuts.

Yes my rims are 15” and this set up fits.

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