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Backing up threads... (Important info)

For threads backed up from Preludepower, or other "historical" stuff
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Backing up threads... (Important info)


Post by MustardCat » 17 Aug 2017, 04:38


Right now all the formatting from should work OK, except the "size" codes.

On Preludepower the bbcode for size goes from 1 - 7. On this board it works differently, here it goes from 1-200. This is a percentage, so if set 100 it will look normal and if set at 200 it will be double size. Examples:

SIZE 50 (Tiny)
SIZE 85 (Small)
SIZE 100 (Normal)
SIZE 150 (Large)
SIZE 200 (Huge)

What this all means is that when you copy a post over onto this board you need to change or remove the Preludepower size codes, or the text will be too small to read.
I'm currently looking into easier solutions for this. If you are feeling lazy you can still copy the text as is and then fix the size codes later on.

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