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Engine weight Comparisons - B20a/B18/H22

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Engine weight Comparisons - B20a/B18/H22


Post by 1funryd » 19 Aug 2017, 01:15

Facts about the weight of a B20 or B18 vs the H22a.
i 'm in the middle of a h22 swap in my 91 lude . a friend did a b18 in his civic so i weighed the
B18 at aprox 380 lb 5 speed tranny installed and sitting on a pallet on the scales.
my B20 at aprox 410 lbs auto trany installed and on a pallet.
now the H22a at aprox 445lbs 5 speed trany installed on a pallet.

i installed a 8lb flywheel which dropped about 25 lb so the h22a ended up at 420lb
so all are pretty close.

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