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H-Series Engine Swap Basic Info

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H-Series Engine Swap Basic Info


Post by MustardCat » 20 Aug 2017, 03:02

Want this?

Basic run down and price estimates of what you need to acquire:
H-Series Swap Engine Mounts ~$500
Traction Bar ~$425
Engine Wiring Harness ~$550
Basic Axles ~$225
JDM H22a Complete Change Over ~$2400
Incidentals ~$500

Total cost ~$4600

Of course those are just typical prices, you can save quite a bit by deal hunting. But you also shouldn't realistically expect to get the swap done for $2000 either.
You can have working accessories as well, power steering, air conditioning, cruise control. However those will add extra cost as the P/S and A/C require custom lines and modified chassis wiring to work.

There is also a much cheaper engine option; The F-series out of Accords. These swap mount can be used for those engines as well.

Here is a detailed write-up for this swap:

Here is a video showing an H22 swap in action:

Pros & Cons:
Most powerful naturally aspirated engine option, without modifications (reliable)
Seems like it is easier to get a hold of well priced used parts for H-series

Reduced ground clearance
Requires use of traction bar
Fewer aftermarket options compared to standard B-series engines

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