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3G Turbo Setups

Everything related to engine builds, engine swaps, transmission builds, and turbo charging
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3G Turbo Setups


Post by MustardCat » 20 Aug 2017, 15:57

Here are some examples of 3rd gen turbo setups:
Mario wrote:[Car And Motor]
1991 Prelude Si
JDM B20A, appx 50k miles, stock
Rebuilt D2A4 Tranny, OEM Clutch

[Turbo Parts]
AiResearch T3 .42/.48 Turbo
Custom SS Tig Welded Log Mani
Turbonetics Delta Wastegate
Custom Downpipe
22x6x2.75" FMIC
DSM 450cc Injectors Oil Line Kit

[Fuel Management]
450cc DSM Blue Top Injectors


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
185whp/190wtrq with boost spike on base run
Street Tune

Boost Spike was big issue, so was accident. Car pulled hard when it ran though.

B20luda wrote: [Car And Motor]
1990 prelude 2.0si
JDM b20a weisco pistons balanced rods ported head

[Turbo Parts]
T3/T67 turbo .63ar ex. .70ar compressor 63 trim
ludespeed DP manifold and intercooler
deltagate external WG
blitz BOV
custom oil and return lines...with an oil resrtictor
3in exhuast no cat

[Fuel Management]
450cc DSM
hondata S200 W/all options
walbro 255

8psi - 12psi

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
was dynoed with a smaller turbo untuned and heatsoaked intercooler on 8psi....205whp 180wtq..this was also before porting and 3in exhaust

car pulled good on 8 but way better on 12 had an issue with the turbo leaking will see if thats fixed shortly...blowen a few motors....always get good fuel managment...

JDMSiPrelude wrote: [Car And Motor]
1990 Prelude Si 4WS
JDM B20A, stock internals
Rebuilt D2A4 Tranny, ACT Stage II Clutch w/ Extreme Pressure Plate & street disc

[Turbo Parts]
Garret T3 Turbo
Deltagate External Wastgate
Ludespeed Manifold
12"x9"x3" FMIC (not installed)
Blitz BOV
DSM 450cc Injectors
Oil-line kit from Ludespeed
G.E. Oil Sandwich Adapter

[Fuel Management]
450cc DSM Blue Top Injectors

5.5 psi

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
No tune yet (basic similar Ludespeed user's AFC settings)

tonybaker12 wrote: [Car And Motor]
1990 Prelude Si

[Motor/Turbo Parts]
Turbonetics t3/t4 57trim
Ludespeed Mani
Tial 38mm Wastegate
Custom Downpipe to 3inch exhaust (no cat)
Apexi N1 3" SS Muffler
AlkyControl Methanol injection
Denso 550cc Injectors
Zex 65 shot
Lightened flywheel
Ported Head
B-16 Outer Valve Springs
B-18 Intake Cam
Pauter Rods
Weisco 8:5:1
MSD 6al
MSD Blaster coil

[Fuel Management]
Hondata S200
PLX Wideband

22psi Controlled with an Apexi AVCR

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
It does pretty good, and that was off the bottle.

afterburners wrote: [Car And Motor]
1988 Prelude Si Converted to 4ws
JDM h22a Motor

Stock 10.6:1CR. Eagle H-Beam Rods (not yet installed but in my garage)
Wiseco FRM friendly/ Molybdenum coated 8.5 pistons ordered. Stock FRM Sleeved
H22A Golden Eagle Sleeved in 2-3 weeks, 87 bore to 89mm (2.3liter)
ARP HEAD and Main Studs (garaged)

[Extra Stuff]
GReddy Profec 2b Boost Controller (currently bidding on ebay), Clifford Alarm w/ turbo Timer relay, Magnacore wires, Oil catch can, Autometer EGT gauge, JDM Blacked out oil temp, boost, oil pressure guages. Stewart Warner Shift light with LED RPM lights and digital RPM readings. PROFAB Designs thermal plenum spacer for intake.

Stock (for now)
ACT Clutch and resurface flywheel (Clutch currently bidding on ebay)
Quaife LSD on back order.

[Turbo Parts]
Custom Turbo manifold (for 3rd gen hood clearance)
Garrett t3/t04e 57 trim .63 a/r stage 3
Custom 3inch downpipe
TiAL 35mm Wastegate
Nameless Front Mounted Intercooler
HKS sequential BOV
NGK #3330 Bcpr7es turbo spark plugs gapped .28

[Fuel Management]
Uberdata 1.7 datalogging on Sony VAIO slim laptop, AEM wideband Air/Fuel guage, p72 GSR Chipped ECU, DSM Blue Top 450 CC injectors, Walbro 255lph fuel pump

8 psi on 10.6 Stock pistons, Ordered 8.5:1 Wiseco on 25 psi after rebuild.
Ordered GReddy Profec 2b Boost Controller

[Dyno Tune]
No as of yet but have beaten many 300hp factory cars including Firebird WS6, STI WRX, SRT-4, M3, Taurus SHO, Mustang GT, MR2-T, Z28.

Everything is either being ordered or on its way!

rudeludenotmeanthough wrote: [Car And Motor]

- 1990 Prelude 2.0 Si
- JDM b20a


- stock (for now )

[Extra Stuff]

-DIY OBD0->OBD1 conversion
-NGK Plugs, Gapped to 35mm


- D2K5

[Turbo Parts]

- Garrett t3 .42/.48
- Tial 35 MM Externaml WG
- Custom Mild Steel Manifold
- FMIC (dont remember the size)
- Custom Charge pipes
- RC 550 Injectors

[Fuel Management]

- Chipped PR4 running uberdata


- 7 psi

[Dyno Tune]

not yet

Qiklude wrote: [Car And Motor]
1990 Prelude Si-4ws
Custom bodykit
JDM B20a5
Custom forged pistons
Rebuilt motor with some head work.
All balanced etc.
Rebuilt gearbox with Type r Civic LSD
Aftermarket 3 puk clutch

[Turbo Parts]
t3/t4 turbo
Tial wastegate
Custom everything else really...

[Fuel Management]
550cc Nippoin denso injectors (ex 13b rotor)
Link aftermarket ECU
Bosch pump
Bigger fuel lines / regulator etc


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
On dyno an easy 250whp

Sunburn wrote: Engine Specifications:


Engine Misc.:

many heat treatments

Turbocharger & Induction:

Ludespeed manifold and down pipe (both Jethott coated)
Spearco air to water intercooler with seperate tank.
Blitz BOV
Manual boost control (7-12lbs)
magnecore wires
I'm sure I forgot a bunch.. car was totaled a while ago

Fuel & Tuning:

Bosch fuel pump
Vortech FMU
Haltech E6K (never got to install)


3" custom from DP back

lude&lascivious wrote: [Car And Motor]
1988 Prelude Si 4ws
JDM B20A, appx 50k miles, stock
D2A5 Tranny, OEM Clutch
MSD Blaster 2 coil
Magnecor kv85 plug wires

[Turbo Parts]
AiResearch T3 .42/.48 Turbo
LSD short tubular mani.
internal wastegate
2.25" Intake piping
Custom 2.5" Downpipe
LSD 27x6.5x3.5" FMIC
Precision Turbo 680cc Injectors
Stealth Mode Oil Line Kit
Custom 2.5" exhaust w/no cat. & Vibrant Performance resonator & muffler
Dual White Performance Slim Fans

[Fuel Management]
680cc Precision Turbo Injectors chipped ecu w/Rywire harness
Walbro 255lph fuel pump


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
No tune yet. Will be dyno & street tuned by John Vega of after the 1st ofthe year.

Full boost at 2200 rpm. Pulls real hard. Not much traction in 1st & 2nd at full throttle. Would expect whp to be in the 220-230hp range when tuned properly. Extremely fun to drive.

PREYLUDA wrote: [Car And Motor]
1988 Honda Prelude Si
---Wiesco forged pistons
---F22 rods
---All new Honda bearings
---Colt Cams Tri flow
---AEM cam gears(not tuned)
---Innovate poly-urethane mounts

[Turbo Parts]
---LudeSPEED turbo manifold
---Mitsubishi 14b
---LudeSPEED downpipe
---Custom Intake and charge pipe(2")
---Type H-RFL blow off valve
---Fujita Super Flow High Performance Air Filter
---Catco High-flow Cat.
---custom 2.5" exhaust pipe
---Apex'i N1 turbo muffler

[Fuel Management]
---Lc-1 Innovate wideband o2 sensor
---Hondata s300
---RC Engineering 550 injectors
---Boomslang conversion harness
---Autometer boost gauge
---Autometer oil pressure gauge


[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
street tune

archie21 wrote: [Car And Motor]
1991 Prelude Si
wiseco forged pistons
sparks forged hbeam rods
supertech h22 valve springs
arp studs

[Turbo Parts]
Garret-AiResearch T3 IWG
H22 manifold
JDM Poonage intercooler and piping
Greddy BOV
Custom DP

[Fuel Management]
p06 and chip kit/basemap

5psi so far

[No Tune, Street Tune, Dyno Tune]
not that far yet unfortunately

will be adding 880 precision injectors and push 25psi once tuned.

gc8dc95 wrote: [Car]
1989 Honda Prelude 2.0Si

81.5mm Wiseco Pistons 9:1
Bisimoto I-Beam Rods
Cometic Headgasket
ARP Headstuds

Precision SC6152E .63ar
CX Racing FMIC
Tial Bov
Tial V44 Wastegate
WeiRtech Tubular Manifol

5gal Fuel Cell
Inline Walbro 255 and Bosch 044
-8an Fuel Lines
Rosko Racing Fuel Rail
1000cc PTE Injectors

MSD Digital 6
Chipped P06 with Ectune

MH 24.5x8.5x15 Slicks

Tuned on VP C16@19psi = 420whp 340wtq
Best 1/4 = 12.01@119mph
Best 1/8 = 7.71@96mph

The car has more in it with some more boost, better driving, and headwork.

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Re: 3G Turbo Setups


Post by motoxxxman » 05 Sep 2017, 06:15

[Car And Motor]
1990 pk3 (b21) prelude Si
b20a block, b21 head and intake manifold

custom JE pistons 83.5mm
OEM H23a1 rods
ACL race bearings
Cometic HG
10.0:1 compression ratio
b21 exhaust cam, b18a intake cam
Supertech valve springs and valve seals, oem valves
Blox adj cam gears
Hogged and ported B20a lower intake manifold with H22 IAB plate, plenum, and TB (60mm)

rebuilt d2a4
ITR helical LSD
94 integra OEM flywheel
94 integra XTD stage 5 clutch; XXXtreme pressure plate and 6-puck sprung disc
oem 94 accord axles with 3gp inner joints

[Turbo Parts]
Custom Turbo manifold, schedule 40 stainless steel, true equidistant
Garrett 60 trim t3, 0.63a/r 5-bolt turbine housing, Mamba drop-in 11 blade high performance billet compressor wheel with extended tips
TiAL 38mm Wastegate; 1.75" open dump tube under trans
CX Racing 3x9x28 FMIC
2.5" charge pipes
3" mandrel exhaust from turbo back, apexi ws2 3" non-baffled muffler (for the street)
3.5" mandrel hood exit exhaust (for the drag strip, and "mexico")

[Fuel Management]
Hondata s300 v1 with boost x gear x rpm
AEM 320lph e85 compatible pump
AEM fpr @ 50psi base pressure
ID1050x injectors
stock lines and rail
e85 blended to 70% ethanol
MSD 6a (old analog box)
MSD Blaster2 coil
Innovate LC-2 wideband

spools to 22psi at 3800, from 5800 up I set it to gradually increase to 24psi by 7200 (only in 4th and 5th gear. lower gears are set lower for traction purposes)

[Dyno Tune]
435whp 390tq at above mentioned boost.
I've made 420tq, but kept breaking gears so I lowered the boost in midrange to lower the peak torque below 400 and save my trans.

1funryd traction bar with skid bar and front torque mount - insane improvement in traction and reduction in wheelhop! so much more room for activites too! and best possible protection for the oil pan and exhaust
Motive Force Performance motor mounts- eliminated all remaining wheelhop
custom lightweight bumper supports
Sunroof assembly removed, Custom aluminum plate to seal the roof
Megan coilovers
shortened shifter

current record so far:
11.69 @123mph with a worn out clutch slipping every single gear. Couldn't even go full throttle until I was over 90mph.
Aiming for tens in 2019

[Future Plans]
mawr powa, duh
Bigger cams
bigger compressor wheel
bigger injectors
custom fuel rail
fresh engine with higher compression
Alum race seats
Aluminum exhaust for the street
more weight reduction
6pt cage
race harness
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Re: 3G Turbo Setups


Post by GavinHelms » 16 Jan 2019, 06:45

[Car and Motor]
Rusty 88 Si, with clearance hole in the hood for the turbo
Factory rebuild b20a5
Stock tranny

[Turbo setup]
H22 cast manifold “ported” and drilled out holes to fit by myself turbo sticks out of hood due to poor planning
Amazon .63ar turbo
Very custom very trash 2.5” exhaust w/cutout

[Engine management]
Hondata S300 v3
Self tuned on the street
DSM 450cc Blue tops
255lph walbro


butt dyno says 260hp

Finish body work
Dyno it
Put the turbo under the hood
Forged rods and heads
Maybe valve springs? Maybe?

boostedlude3g United States of America
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Re: 3G Turbo Setups


Post by boostedlude3g » 19 Feb 2019, 20:07

Engine Specifications:

B20 block with b21 head and intake manifold
5 angle valve job
ARP head studs
crower rods
weisco pistons 8.0 compression
H22 dual valve springs
powder coated red valve cover
NGK 7173 plugs
NGK plug wires
MSD blaster 2 coil
Innovative motor mounts
94 accord alternator
Power steering
Cuise control
Rosko Racing Egr block off plate

Turbocharger & Induction:

AutoLab turbo kit
Garrett T04E/T3 60 trim
8 gauge 304SS log manifold
tial 38 mm waste gate with open dump
tial BOV
front mount intercooler (don't know the dimmentions)
aluminum piping

Fuel & Tuning:

P74 ecu/hondata S200
precision 680cc injectors
Walboro 255
PLX 300 wide band
GM 3 bar map sensor
VW wide band
Blitz turbo timer
Greddy profec B boost controller


3" with N1 muffler


South Bend clutch kit
Rebuilt trans
Type R LSD
Ry-Wire S2000 master cylinder kit
Hybrid Performance shifter cable bushings (K series)
Mustardcat Short shifter assembly

Weight reduction & transfer:

removed A/C, condenser fan and gutted trunk.

Suspension, wheels & tires:

K Sport coilovers
Engalls camber kit
Centerline Monsoon wheels
EM Racing C Pillar bar
Orinjin UCA bushings with Zerks
new ball joints upper/lower, front/rear
new tie rod ends all around
Secludedlude's adjustable rear end links
Secludedlude's front and rear strut bars front end links
4WS conversion
NSX front calipers
11.1" front slotted rotors rear big brake kit
ESP traction bar


USDM type R seats
USDM type R shift boot
USDM type R shift knob
Momo street fighter steering wheel
Autometer sport comp~boost gauge and oil pressure
Lotek gauge pod
HKB steering wheel hub with cruise buttons


Mazda 626 front lip
94 Accord side and rear skirts

Dyno: 310 WHP @ 18lbs

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